Repairing a WD740ADFD-00NLR1

Hello Folks

I have a small dilemma, in my rather old PC i had the above listed 74gb raptor drive which at the time was fantastic, never went wrong once at all, but upon getting a new WD 750gb Black drive as a new drive a few years ago upon swapping the old raptor out i kind of hastily pulled out the SATA connection and damaged rather heavily the Pins on the SATA connection and cant rebend the pins back in the same way.

My question is this, IS there a way of removing the old PCB and replacing it with a exact model PCB or can a PCB from a different Raptor drive from the same gen models like the 32gb model or another 74gb model with a different code after the WD740ADFD can be put on that drive as a replacement so i can recover the data thats possibily on that drive as i think hard disk recovery in UK can be rather expensive and time consuming.

if anyone has any input on this it would be greatly appriciated and i can supply photographs possibily to show the damage i caused in my hasteness:flushed:

Hard drive repair is not supported by Western Digital, but here on the community you can find users with some knowledge that might be useful to you. Check the link below for more information.