Repair the SMB connection

Over a year ago I bought MyCloud Home to use as a NAS. To upload videos from a PC to it via the SMB protocol and watch them using the iconBIT XDS6L-mk2 video player also via SMB. I have previously used a D-Link NAS for this purpose.
For more than a year this has been working fine.
But a few days ago, something happened and my iconBIT video player now does not see the MyCloudHome NAS, although it does see other D-Link NAS. The PC sees MyCloud Home and allows me to read and write files.
What happened and how to fix it?
How do I restore access to MyCloud Home via SMB from the iconBIT video player?

This may be a 10 year old device, a really obsolete piece of tech which may only support SMB 1 and NTLM v1. The recent MCH firmware update no longer allows the MCH to support this. Spend the $20 to $30 and buy a FireTV Android capable type of device that one could run Kodi or VLC player. The alternative is to turn on DLNA via Plex (DO MORE option of MCH) and see if the 10 year old player can play DLNA content.

  1. I am quite satisfied with the characteristics of the device, why should I spend money?
    Until a few days ago, I had access to MyCloud Home from my video player. I’m only interested in how to restore this access.
  2. I noticed that access to MyCloud Home was lost not only from the video player, but also from another PC on the home network, as well as from a smartphone. A few days ago there was access from both of these devices.
  3. A few days ago I bought a video player X96Q on Android OS. (I even suspect that trying to connect this video player is the cause of MyCloud Home problems) It shows the ip address of MyCloud Home, but does not allow you to enter it. Those. even the video player on Android does not fix the situation.
  4. I can see my D-Link NAS from the iconBIT video player and can play videos from it. Therefore, the problem is not with the iconBIT video player.

Conclusion: the problem is in My Cloud Home, since problems arise only with it (it is visible from a single PC and nowhere else).
All other devices on the home network see each other and allow file sharing.

Question: how to restore the functionality of MyCloudHome? A few days ago it was working fine.