Renaming / Renamed files keep old filename?


I have tried renaming files on a network drive, when WDTVLive gets turned back on, the old filenames appear…

How do I change the displayed name of the (in this case it’s a Video) file?

I am assuming WDTVLive is displaying the actual filename and not some obscure metadata


Here is my system:

WDTVLive - Wired connection - Dlink DIR628 - Wired connection - Home PC (Vista 32) - USB connection - External Hardrive

PS I tried searching for similar posts and found none, any help or links appreciated.



I haven’t had this occur to me, but you can try to remove the hidden WD_TV folder the Live creates to maintain its catalog for your movies. The names may be imbedded in there. Once removed, the Live will rescan your media and everything should be fine thereafter. I hope this helps.

Well, the .wd-tv folder will only be there after the HD is plugged directly into the Live.  

Usually all you have to do to pick up changes in files or folders on a network share is back out one directory HIGHER than the change, and go back in, and voila, it’s updated.

This problem described DOES affect UPnP or DLNA servers, though, if they don’t refresh often enough.

Ya’, I don’t see a WD_TV directory anywhere.

But wait a sec…If a new file is added to a directory (eg: recent download) It is displayed immediately. No delay waiting for a uPNP or DLNA refresh. These newly renamed files NEVER eventually appear. They alwaqys have their old names. Shall I delete them fom the shared drive/folder and see what WDTVLive does? Then perhaps replace with the renamed version?



(PS I know nothing about uPNP and DLNA or any of that stuff…and other hardware has worked seamlessly without my having to know it…In other words I fully expect, literally, to plug-and-play with any modern hardware. In other words - make it so our grandmothers could do it.)

You mentioned in another thread:

That you ARE using uPNP and DLNA.   If you’re accessing via the Menu Item “MEDIA SERVERS,”  that’s exactly what you’re doing, you’re using a DLNA server.

DLNA servers have limitations on how quickly the database gets updated, and those limitations vary widely.