Renaming a WD elements 10B8 drive

I have two WD Elements 10B8 drives which are permanently connected to our LG TV

When we select input they come up as WD Elements 10B8 and WD Elements 10B8 and it is a guess as to which one we want.

I would like to rename WD Elements 10B8 to Movies and TV Shows.

Can this be done, and easily ?



Sure … connect the drive to PC (eg. i’m using Win7) … on the hdd in windows … right click “Properties”

and you will see under ‘General’ the drive label … type the label name you wan’t and click “Apply”

now having said all that … Your LG TV might not recognise the custom name and default to what’s encoded in the firmware or logic board of the hdd

If that’s the case … then you’re outta luck  (try the LG TV Forums to voice your request)