Removing message: 1/1 Audio channel PCM


I am trying to get rid of the (stupid) message 

1/1 Audio Channel PCM

when i rewind my video file

I do not need a fix in the way of just repeating the same file. I have a video projection and a slide projection, both timed precisely so they start at the exact same time (using a basic stamp and some SS relays). The result has to be professional, i.e. the viewers cannot see that the video restarted.

I find it so annoying that from one WD device to another things just get worse.

IT worked great with a WD mini TV, but I need the HD quality…

Is this a case where i would try the Firmware mods?

thanks in advance

As far as I know, this cannot be removed in the WD TV Gen 1 and 2, don’t know with a modified firmware, but none of the officials firmware can do that.