Remove or delete target device from SmartWare

It appears that in SmartWare Pro (v 2.3.0), Home tab, the available targets appear on the right side under heading Backup Target.  User may click on a target to attempt to designate a target choice.


However for me, SW is still backing to two different drives, despite my preference.  Running SW Pro on Win7/64, I have a new MyCloud 3TB (on Ethernet to router) and an older Seagate FreeAgent Desk (1 TB) on USB connection to the HP Win7 tower.  I want to keep the FreeAgent exclusively for personal storage, not backup.  (Ear)Regardless, SW Pro still places some backup files on the FreeAgent, and I have no control over which files are placed on which target drive.


In SW Pro, Settings Tab, I found no relief on “Set Up Software” or “Set Up Drive” (links to WD MyCloud Dashboard).


For simplicity in disaster recovery, I would much prefer to have all backup on one drive, of course.


How can I remove or delete target device from SmartWare Pro?  Would it help me to somehow revert to Smartware?

After choosing My Cloud what did you choose from the drop down menu? See image below.

Be sure to check out the Help tab and the User Manual.

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cat0w (USA)

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Hello, cat0w,


I checked my settings and found that my SW’s Home tab showed the ‘WD My Cloud’ in blue, as I wished, and the drop-down selector below indicated ‘SmartWare.’  My six selector options were FamStuff, GStuff, JStuff (as I had set for personal storage, streaming, etc.), Public, SmartWare, & TimeMachineBackup.


I had chosen SW as it seemed appropriate for backups, and yes, I had read all that I could find relevant in the Help tab and the User Manual, without finding any specific guidance on those selector choices.  Would selection of ‘Public’ give me behavior I want?  I thought ‘Public’ was for pictures and streaming media. I had avoided TimeMachineBackup as I figured it was mainly for my wife’s MacBook.  If you can direct to more specific guidance, that would be a huge help.


For now, checking Home tab status, I see that there are 251 GB of backup on my FreeAgent and none on the MyCloud, exactly opposite to my wishes.


And I do appreciate any guidance!