Remove an old shared folder I can no longer access

I have an old folder that keeps showing up in a network share (a laptop connected to the network).

I no longer can access this folder on the laptop but it keeps coming up in the list when I click on the network share.

I searched everywhere but can not find the folder. I believe at one time it was on a connected external hard drive that I no longer use.

Is there a way to force the live TV to stop seeing this folder?

Did you try resetting the WD TV?

I was wondering about this also.  seems to keep memory of the file instead of reading the drive and showing the results.

and there is no way to “delete” the file from the list.

I can’t believe such a simple thing was overlooked. 

I deleted a folder a few weeks ago and it still shows up.  and yes, as suggested above, I reset the unit to factory default already.

honestly this live tv player is a **bleep**.  it doesn’t work that well at all and seems to be a garbled mess of non working features and hastily put together functions.  some of the most simple things have been overlooked.

Hold on a sec. You just contradicted yourself. If you reset it back to defaults, there is NO WAY it is remembering an old folder from memory. Are you using NETWORK SHARES or MEDIA SERVER to access your PC?

I’ve done it both ways(network shares and media server) and the folders the player shows in the menu are not on my computer.  they were deleted weeks ago.

they still show up in the list on the player albiet they’re empty of the files that were in it but the folder is still showing.

very annoying to say the least.

If you reset (or even rebooted) your WDTV Live and it still discovers the folders then they do exist on your network. Investigate your PC to determine what folders/media shares are being shared.  Your PC must be sharing something otherwise the WDTV Live would not discover the shares.

I did a search for the folder just to see and it’s not showing up in windows search.

I wish the player would show the file path. 

You need to look for the share not the local folder. A shared folder does not necessarily have the same name as the local folder.

If it is a Network share you are trying to locate, then use Windows Explorer and look in Network (Places). If it is a Media Server share then use your Media Server software to locate the share.

The WDTV Live cannot tell you the file path to the folder because it does not know it. Your PC will only be advertising the PC name and the share name.

ok the folder is in the network share.  it DOES contain a bunch of movies I have in it. but why doesn’t the media player see them?  it says the folder is empty.

I have another question for you, why doesn’t the other folders in the network share show up in the menu?  only one of the 4 do. 

you know, the owners manual if very vague on how to do all of this.  I just reallized windows by default i guess had my public share folder set to not share.

I set it to share and now everything is visible by the player. 

I cannot get the original folders in my profile to share on the network still like the instructions say to do.

but the public option is ok by me.