Remote Web Access Always offline

I hhave remote web access setup correctly.  However it seems like almost daily that I have to log into the dashboard and rerun the setup or fix it so that the HTTPS:   address can be reached.  Any ideas?

What error do you get from afar?  You say rerun the wizard or fix it.  What do you do to “fix it”?

Have you installed anything else on the seerver that may be taking over 443?

It kind of sounds like the service that is installed when you setup RWA is not running.

Are you using your own domain name or the generic Microsft-supplied

If you are using the Microsoft-supplied scheme, you are on a dynamic Internet address, and the ‘Windows Server Remote Web Access Administration Provider’ service is not running, your system won’t be able to update the RemoteWebAccess servers with your IP address.

Also, if you are running any kind of AntiVirus solution that also manages your firewall, it may be blocking activity and may require a fixed rule be implemented.