Remote music browser

Players like XBMC offers their own apps for iOS/Android to use as a media jukebox to browse and play music through WD without using WD Remote app 

Link to example app:

My point is - is there similar app that work with WD HD so I could play my music without using remote and TV?

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Yes, Zappo’s WDTVMedia HD is one way.  I currently have five apps on my iPad for streaming stuff to it.  Each has it’s own advantages/disadvantages and requirements for use.

I have these five iPad/Phone apps installed for accessing the network data (i.e. media player’s data) so they play on my iPad.

1.  Pogoplug app – specific for using with a Pogoplug device; enables access from anywhere on the internet. for streaming; not just within local network. (listening to music with it right now on local network!)

2.  VLC Streamer – streams movies; i.e. ISO, MKV files; even DVDs within local network.  CPU intensive,

3.  WDTVMedia HD – streams DLNA compatible files (music, movies, photos) from media player to iThings; for local network use.

  1. FileBrowser – access your local network like you can from your PC and play stuff.  Can be setup for outside network, too.

  2. AiCloud – specific to my ASUS router; similar features as FileBrowser, enables access from anywhere on the internet.; not just within local network.

Search this forum for the names of these apps, as I have written something about all of them.  Many of these apps are available in Android flavors, too.

A gigabit network and wireless N w/5G connection really helps these apps to work well.  A fairly fast PC does too. (A faster PC w/quad core – my next big purchase – it just never ends!)