Remote download possible?

How do I download a large file, say 2GB, froma remote computer? 

If you talk about downloading a file stored on the NAS from a computer connected to the Internet outside of your home, you need to set up your NAS for Cloud/Remote Access. Consult the user manual to do so.

Go read the manual isn’t the answer that I was looking for. I’m a newbie with a question, if you don’t want to answer, fine,

don’t answer.  If you don’t know the answer, fine. No need to spoil my thread. Others are here looking for the same

answer. It’s not intuitive in the software. When WD figures that out, from postings like this, perhaps they’ll improve the

software. I searched the forum before posting. Is this not the place for a newbie to pose questions?

I have set up Cloud/Remote access. I’m trying to download a file over the internet from My Cloud at home to me PC at


Right click the file  on the cloud then pull it to a directory on the workpc and it will be copyed to this.

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We are all here users like you and we try to help and som4times spend hours testing stuff for other users and we do not work or paid by WD.  He told what you need todo and the details are in the manual. Also, if you search solutions (on the right hand on this website) there is a zillion discussions about this subject and guides. Als, the manual explains clearly. There is no need to repeat yet again the same old stuff.

However, if you have a specific question go ahead ask and give us more details.

If remote access is setup correctly, the it is a matter of drag and drop from the one pc to another to copy stuff. Use WD apps to connect to your PC and copy then drag and drop from another machine.

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Have you given your work computer access to your My Cloud?

Read, Accessing Your Cloud Remotely, in the User Manual.

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Thanks for the help.