Remote desktop

I have a DX4000 and everything was finally working.

One of the workstations with Windows 8.1 failed to a point that it was easier to erase the hard drive and reinstall Windows.

The workstation has no problems connecting to the NAS.

When installing the “connect” software there was a warning that a computer with that name already existed and asked if I wanted to continue.  I did because it was the name previously used on the computer.

Here is the problem:

when connecting to the nas via web, I know see that computer but it has an “orange” mark and says “connection is disabled”.

I’ve rebooted the NAS to see if that would work, no luck.

When you reinstalled Windows did you enable remote desktop?

Can you remote to it from another PC on the LAN?

I had originally set up all the computers just a few months ago and I don’t remember having to enable remote desktop then.

I will contact my client and check that.

The connect wizard does not do it.  We asked, but no go :frowning:

It has to be enabled.

ok so I went the computer that I just had to redo and did the following:

1)  In “System Properties” - “Remote” I unchecked “allow remote assistance connection”

2)  I selected “Allow remote connection to this computer”

3)  I unchecked “allow connections only from computer running remote desktop…”

I connected to the NAS within the office and not only does it show this computer as “connection is disabled”, it shows 2 other computer that were working before with the same message.

Remote assistance does not matter, but the other 2 sound good.

There may be a simpler way, but I open windows explorer (on the win8 box) and click network in the left pane.  If it shows other PC’s fine, if you get the message network discovery is not on click to enable do that.

And again, make sure you can remote to this desktop from another PC inside the Lan to make sure 3389 is not blocked and all is well internally.

I went to Windows Explorer and I was able to see the network (without any issues) and got file access to another computer.

The NAS and 5 new computers were just setup a couple months ago and everything was working (thanks to the help of Gramps).

I thought the problem existed with the computer I had to redo (becuase of windows crash) but now none of the 5 computers will allow desktop connection throught the NAS.

According to the Dashboard, the software Version is

I see the NAS wants 8 updates (kb2953522) (kb2931356) (kb2931368) (kb2871997) (kbkb2926765) (kb2852386) (kb2934950) & (kb890830)

which I will not install at this time because they are a working business.

I will now have to leave this job to go see other clients so any more suggestions will be tried at my earliest time.

Thanks in advance for your help

FWIW, the remote desktop will not actually work inside the lan from the web page if you have a domain configured.  But the computers should say available and ask for a username password then a TSGateway error.

I am trying to break mine and can’t figure out how LOL.  I mean I disable remote desktop and it does not work but the PC still shows as available.  I am not sure when or how the page gets updated.  I have rebooted the server and the desktop.

You may just wait and see what happens, it may be a schedulkewd task.  Try to login to the box from afar off and on as you make your journey around town.  I need to go out and get some stuff done as well today.  SUpposed to rain tomorropw so I will be in then.

OK FWIW, my win8 box that I disabled remote access now shows disabled.  I will reneable and see what harpons

I enable remote and even though the web page still says disabled it connects.  I expect the web page will be refreshed after a while…

FWIW it never seemed to change from remote disabled.  I rebooted the win8 box  and now it shows Happy Happy.  Again, it connected even when it said disabled as long as I had remote connections enabled.

Let us know how you are getting along.