Remote Control Problems

Heya, I got my WDTV Live Hub a week or so ago and over the past couple of days i have had some problems with the remote. At first it was only the OK button, it would take multiple firm presses to get it to register, now it simply doesnt work and the problem appears to have spread as the same thing is happening with the left and right directional buttons.

I have replace the batteries a number of times but to no avail, id say the contact in the buttons are not connecting with the contact on the circuit board properly but short of opening it up i cant be sure. Is there anyone i can contact about getting a replacement remote or something?

Take it back to where you bought it, or call WD

Thanks, ill try taking it back.

I have a neighbor who manages to spill a little sodapop or similar onto her tv remote every few months. The symptoms are the same. I’ve taken it apart and cleaned it for her multiple times. Soap & water, old soft toothbrush, a little alcohol wipe on the contact points, fully dried before putting the batteries back in, and all is ok - until next time. :slight_smile: