Remote connect

Hi guys,
How do I connect myCloud outside my home?
I’m using OS Maverick and my address looks like a
Have I configure it in my router (AirPort Extreme)?
Thanks all is an INTERNAL-ONLY IP address.  That’s not your external adress.  

You cannot access the Cloud’s GUI externally; it’s not allowed.   You need to access it via the WD-supplied remote access applications.


But looks like My Cloud and OS Maverick doesn’t work together. It’s a shame.

I tried to connect and Safari with the last JAVA (as described in manual) and nothing happens.

Now I’m in a friend’s computer, do I have to install a program to access my things?

Safari and Java does not work well together currently (as with Chrome on Apple for now).  Use FireFox.  You do not have to install any programs for remote access other than browser and java.


Firefox Maverick and JAVA 7 work.


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