Remote Ceases Function

Well, I updated to the new firmware and it appears my remote has stopped working. I’m still able to control this god forsaken device through a usb keyboard, but using the remote is sort of the priority.

I’ve read about other solutions involving a reset and a power cycle but neither of these has worked. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m going to attempt to downgrade the firmware to an earlier version.

Additionally, thanks to this not-so-fabulous new patch, I’ve lost the ability to play mp4 videos. I’ve no idea how to get that ability back.

I am really disappointed in this product. That I’ve had to put this much time and energy to trying to get it to work properly is disappointing. I’m nearing the point where I will demand a refund from WD should these issues cease. It’s been how many months, and a handful of patches, and these problems are still persisting? It’s absolutely unacceptable.

If anyone can offer any assistance, it would be much appreciated. Additionally, I’ll report back here if and when I downgrade the firmware.

I had a very similar problem which I found out was my video sender causing the problem. Try switching off any wireless stuff near the WD Hub and see if there’s any difference.