Remote Backup - Change remote folder location using remote.js

I have two EX4100 and want to create a Remote Backup with a direct SOURCE to DEST but instead my DEST ends up having extra folders created before using the share name,the serial number and name of source, and the backup name which I don’t want. I’ve looked on the NAS for the web interface and found function Remote_Create_Folder(). Has anyone edited that file? Version 1.16 had even more extra folders so I’m thinking I can file compare Version 1.22 that came with the latest OS5 but I’m wondering if maybe someone has tried this already.


Please refer to the following KBA article:My Cloud OS 5: Remote Backups

Hey Logan that answer unfortunately is too generic but thanks for responding quickly. I’m looking for a specific answer about controlling the folder destination by editing some files with the remote backups JavaScript file. I’d like to customize because at this moment the destination is adding too many levels of additional folders such that another share name is getting created with two more folders instead of letting me copy a SOURCE share to another DESTINATION share folder.

I’ve looked into remote.js and it shows several functions and calls to some PHP routines to build the remote path so I’m wondering if someone has attempted, these variables look promising