Remote Access will not paste on to new PC

It’s a very simple issue that has had me going crazy for some time now. I have a MyBook Live 3TB. I have set up the remote access and the connection is good. uPnP is set up in my wireless box and i am able to access the hard drive (MyBook) remotely. The situation is that i am unable to paste files from my remote access to any other PC. 

I accessed my girlfriends laptop (win7) and still am unable to paste from the remote access. I even turned off the firewall to see if that is where the problem derived from. Nothing. I am stumped. I was able to do so in the past with no problems and now it does not work on my pc (WinXP)

Note: I have not updated to the new version released in september 2012. It came with the 2.5 xxxx update already (not to be mistaken with the 1.0xx old firmware).

I don’t want to download files through FTP or SSH through anything. I want to make things simple and use the wd2go website. I have 5 other users and because i cannot download remotely it is a big waste.

The crazy part is i have no problem pasting into the remote access. I just cannot paste back on to the pc. Any ideas? Any help will be GREATLY appreciated. 

correction Mybook live version

Try to update microsoft .net of the win xp pc also check if network sharing is enabled.

And also java.