Remote access: remote user maps network drive but loses drive after a reboot

My remote user successfully maps the drive but upon reboot it is always gone. OS XP.

Any ideas?


I think that behavour is by design.  (Could be wrong.)

:angry:   Grrrrr

I hope not, I want my family to always have access to their shares. Bit of a joke if everytime they boot up they have to keep mapping the drive. Got a senior and other family members that need super easy access to a mapped drive.

I’m rapidly starting to dislike this product.  Spectacularly slow file transfers using webdav, WD support basically shrugs its shoulders and says that large files (I don’t consider a 300MB file large) will bog down the interface and throw-up the ‘not responding…’ messages.  Resorted to FTP which works ‘ok’ but is majorly unsecure.

Seems to me the My Book Live fails as a Personal Cloud device.  Working great on my home network but really unusable for cloud purposes.

The forum is littered with others struggling with the speed of mapped drives.

thanks for your help.  I can still return this so will likely do so now.

When you Map it, why don’t you tell it to re-connect whe you log on?

Incidentally, I just tried a big file copy … 600 megabytes.

To make it more “realistic,” I VPN’d back into my work network, and then copied it as if I were at work.

I got a rate close to 5 megabits per second.  Not too terribly shabby, really…

Most WINDOWS boxes have problems with WebDAV’ing large files.   When you RIGHT CLICK a file, which you usually do to begin a copy, Windows must download a big chunk of the file before the menu will ever appear. 

That’s why Windows says “Not Responding” when you do that.   But if you open your network monitor, you’ll see that it’s actually downloading SOMETHING, but I don’t know what…

Therefore, copying via COMMAND LINE, or using some other Non-Explorer-based file browser works MUCH faster.

I did select reconnect at logon.

Any suggestions on what to use instead of explorer for file access? I’m open to suggestions.

thanks for your reply.