Remote Access Problem


I have set up and installed MyBookWorld on my PC and all of the folders are visible in my shared network and I am able to drag and drop files in to the various shared folders successfully. I am also able to access these files via my Sony Play Station 3.


I have registered and set up a MIONET account and registeredmy device, but when I access My Resources Tab the following options are listed;

chezkeightley - chezkeightley (off line)
chezkeightley - download (off line)
chezkeightley - public (off line)
Mrkeightley-pc - C Drive (off line)
Mrkeightley-pc - E Drive (off line)
WD Storage - chezkeightley
WD Storage - Download
WD Storage - Public

Mrkeightley-pc - Desktop Folder (off line)
Mrkeightley-pc - Documents (off line)
Mrkeightley-pc - Desktop (off line)

  1. Why are so many folders listed?

  2. All are shown as off line except the WD Storage folders

  3. When I click on WD Storage and all of the other options to try and view the content I get the following message - "MioNet does not currently support this device in a local network. Please use the software supplied with the device to access it through “My Computer”

Can you please help?

See screenshot below


  1. There folders of computers that connected to Mionet.

  2. If computers is turn off, or they don’t have installed Mionet program.

  3. That’s normal=). You can access to you’re My Book only from other network (not you’re home network)