Remote access of My Book Live 3TB - help please!


I have iMac i5, Airport Extreme, BT Infinity, apple TV and iPhone and iPad with iOS5.  Everything is on wireless network

I have purchased the My Book Live 3TB drive today but am having difficulties with remote access.  I can see it in Finder and can access the UI via Bonjour.  However, when trying to set up WD photos and WD 2go and following the instructions, I do not have an ‘enable remote access’ option within the settings section of the UI and hence can not get an activation code for my iPhone and iPad.  I previously had Mionet on PC and had no probs but I am really stuck here.  This is driving me insane - can anyone help?  Please!  :-)



What firmware is your MyBook Live? if it’s not on 2.x.x then you won’t have the option…

Yup, you need to update the My Book Life in order to have this option.