Remote access - Lauch music on WD TV Live Hub via PC

My WD TV Live Hub is connected to my audio system and I would like to control it remotely via my PC (or my android phone). I am often in another room and I would be able to play or change the music without having to return in front of the TV to see the menus and restart or change an album.

My question is: is it actually possible to lauch music on a WD TV Live Hub via another device ?


BubbleUpnp for Android will do what you want

Important to select WDTVLiveHub as the Local Renderer   & also Libraries   eg.

Then you can browse music on the Live Hub through your Tablet/Phone and when Playing music it will come from the Live Hub through your Sound System

Thanks !

One more question. On BubbleUpnp how can I access to the content stored on my WDTVLiveHub (and then play it from the WDTVLive hub through my sound system) ?

I selected WDTVLiveHub as renderer but for Librairy I only get access to my local files (on the hone) and the TwonkyMedia server of the WDTVLive Hub which is empty.

Is there something to configure or activate on my WDTVLiveHub / phone ?

Look again at the picture above … LIBRARIES =  • WDTVLiveHub

Yes I saw that.

But in my libraries I don’t have access to the content of my WDTVLiveHUB. Only the twinky server which is empty…

This is a bit frustrating… as i was able to get this working fine within the space of 1 minute :confounded:

Things to check

_ On your WDTV Live Hub _

  1. Setup > Network Settings > DLNA Media Server > ON

  2. Setup > Network Settings > Network Share Server > ON

_ Ensure Twonky Server is Enabled on the WDTV Live Hub _

  1. Get you Live Hubs IP  Setup > About > Network Info > [Your IP]  eg.

  2. In your Internet browser (Chrome,Firefox etc) enter the IP number into the address bar at the top

  3. Login Password is =  admin   (also tick the box next to “i agree”)  then click “Login”

  4. Click "Media"

  5. Make sure “Twonky Service is Enabled

  6. click “Logout” to finish

This will play Music stored on the WDTV Live Hub internal 1TB HDD (haven’t tested usb attached drives)

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Thanks a lot !

I figured this out. In twonky no share folder content location was set up. I added the Music folder of my WDTVLive Hub and now it’s working perfectly.

Glad you got it working :smiley: