Remote access. IOS vs android movie playing

My remote IOS app can play fvideos while on a remote WiFi network, but my android app does not. Both work fine on my local network. Any ideas of what may be happening?

I can see files remotely on both though.

Hi and welcome to the WD community.

When you open the files on the android app do you get an error or any type of message? i know also that you can choose what app you use to open the files.

I tried with all my video playing applications (vlc, my player, the native video playing app) I can open the videos in my local network, but I have tried in other WiFi networks outside my home to no avail. It used to work with a previous version and it does work with my iPad app, but not with the android app.

Wd my cloud 4tb, wd my cloud app, Samsung note 3.

BTW the message in every application is that the file cannot be played.