Remote access failed in WD my cloud

Hi Guys,

I have this remote acess failed recently. I just bought WD Mycloud 3tb 5 days ago & did all the set up sucessfuly. I manage to aceess my personal cloud with no problem until yesterday. It seems that the remote access failed  when I open from my cloud dashboard. 

Now the problem is I can’t connect (turn on) the remote access anymore. It always failed. I’m using Macbook air with MAC OS X 10.9.2 & my router is Airport Extreme MB763ZP/A Model A1301.

Anybody can help me with my problem? Thanks in advance.


I have the same problem.

My cloud acces is connected. But stil me and others can’t connenet to the WD MY CLOUD. 

Please help?


I have never got my cloud access to work. WD My Cloud and BT Home Hub 3.  I’ve configured the remote access in the settings to manual using the example WD provide.  I’ve set the router (which also fixes the IP address to the same one) to allocate those ports to the MyCloud device. I’ve enabled DMZ on the router to the device.

All the threads about WD My Cloud and BT Home Hub 3 have been closed, so you cannot post anymore.  The solutions are NOT actual solutions, they are partial.

I have already tried Seagate, and their software would not install on my PC (and seemed to be a common problem).

Perhaps the only solution is a refund, and a proper fileserver.