Remote Access does not work anymore

Access to MyBookLive 3TB from any mobile device/app (WDPhotos, WDMyCloud) doesn’t work since several days. Just shows the “loading” toast forever (everything worked fine until a week ago). Access from the local network  (browsing files through Windows Explorer) is fine. The connection status is reported as “Port forwarding connection estabilished”. Please help me solving this annoying issue.

Port 80 WAN is forwarded to 80 LAN, port 443 WAN to 443 LAN. It looks like I can access through the wd2go site, but after the sign in, I have issues with the java applet (application blocked because of missing manifest attributes).

Btw, if I try to post to the WDCC Support Portal, I get the following:

There was a problem processing your request:
Class.WD_WebToCaseController.init: line 86, column 1

I would say, nothing works as expected.

This is a Java security problem. What OS are you using?

On Windows, when you see the errors showin up, take note of the URLs. Add these URLs to the security exception in the Java Control Panel.

BTW, I would suggest you don’t use the port 80 and 443 for the external ports. Rather, use something like 8080 and 8443 forwarded to the 80/443 NAS ports. This is not a big deal, since your ISP seems to be happy with these ports. Some ISPs block these ports. Also these 80/443 are sometimes used by your router remote admin access or cloud access, if set up.

Thank you for your reply. I will check the Java security options. Nevertheless, the main issue is with mobile access. It doesn’t work anymore (everything worked fine for 1.5 years) and for this reason I am wondering if it is a backend service issue. No way to connect either from the wi-fi local network nor from the internet. I will try to change the ports as you suggest, but I’m afraid this is not the solution.

Any other user experiencing the same issue?

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I had the same issue with remote access recently, it just stopped working, so I did a system restore to the original HD state (without removing any of the data of course!) and reset up the static IP and port forwarding, deleted all attached devicies such as IPad and iphone, generated new access codes and then connected up via those devices and the problem had sorted it self out.