Remote Acces using MAC

I have configure my cloud using a MAC, it is working well on wifi connections, however i do not have remote access.

I got a message: “There is not internet connection” however the internet is working well using others apps

Would any body in the foro send me intrusions to fix this problem

Thank you very much in advance

Have you enabled Remote Access through the WD My Cloud Dashboard? Have you configured a User for Remote Access?

If you haven’t already done so you may want to read through the WD My Cloud User Manual. It contains much information on how to use the My Cloud including how to setup remote access, Chapter 8.

Thanks for your reply an the information you send me

the problem i have is that i got the message “Internet access is not available” in the configuration screen and a message launching the WD my cloud “Remote access is not available” . I believe i need to fix that to configure the remote access

I am using the Spanish software, however I am using english foro because the new item is not available on Spanish foro :frowning: