ReInstallation of WDE 2.0 - PROBLEMS


After having tried to convert my WDE 2.0 to NTFS everything went wrong :frowning:

Trying to recover all my lost files I had to give in - and reformatted into NTFS. But now I want to install the WD software. Downloaded the to my desktop, unpacking the .zip-file and using the install-guide, the installation stops by telling me:

'Unable to launch installer


(Have upgraded my Win Vista to Win7 resently)

Any help to solve this problem?

Kind Regards,


I am getting a similar error message. I used the MyBook Essential 2.0 on a previous, Windows Vista computer. I am trying to install it on my new, Windows 7 computer. It triggers the automatic install but I get a message that it is unable to find drivers. I try the download of the software through the Western Digital website for this product. However, I am getting the message “unable to launch” installer when I try to run WDSetup.exe from the extracted MBE2_image/wd_windows_tools file.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get access to the files on the external hard drive and to be able to use it on the new computer?