Regular clicking, no spool up

Regular clicking on applying power to my MyCloud Home 3TB device, but it does not spin up. It is not recognised on any of my devices. One year to go on warranty. It was working fine until now, albeit extremely slow when either uploading or accessing image files. Can anyone offer any solution? Thanks Jon

Hi jondcameraman,

My Cloud Home may have higher acoustic noise levels which are normal as higher capacity internal drives use a helium filled motor base assembly technology that allows the drive to run cooler and deliver better overall performance. Random noise or clicking sounds can be expected.

How do you upload images on My Cloud Home, using My Cloud Home Desktop app or My Cloud Home mobile app or via

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Thanks for your response. But no, it’s not the normal running noises you would expect with these drives, I understand this. It’s a regular clicking and will not spin up. It does not get passed this stage, so it does not appear on any device.

Hi jondcameraman,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.