Regular back up of data more than 2 TB

Hi there,
Thinking of buying my cloud 4TB, just wondering if it would take a lot of time, transferring or backing up data more than 2 TB, through the network.


With my 6 TB, I’m getting 35 GB/hr on my network, I’ve heard of some people getting 60 or more. Incremental backups would save a lot of time.

Hi Dale,
Thanks a lot for your very handy and quick response. It sounds great, but i have a final query about, if i would have any problem with backing up external Hard drive connected to my computer.


Shouldn’t be a problem, could be slower based on USB speed but not much. Backup programs can read from any attached drive.

Thanks once again Dale,
I think I got a clear picture now, will pick up 4TB one…thanks once again, and have a great day…


I have to point out that the WD backup application was pretty limited though. I ended up using ssh and making my own rsync script which was a bit difficult so I would research their backup program a bit before you decide.

If all you want to do is backup, then a simple USB or SATA drive may be a better, cheaper idea.

Buy a MyCloud if you want:

  • a networked file server, available to multiple devices
  • a low power media server, that is available 24/7
  • remote access to your file server.

Assuming your 2TB isn’t constantly changing, an incremental, or delta backup tool will only have to do that big copy once. Thereafter, it will only have to copy new and changed files, so it is much quicker.

You don’t have to make do with WD tools; any decent backup tool will work with network drives. I use FreeFileSync.

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