Registering a New G-Drive

Hello everyone, this is my 1st post and I cannot find the answer anywhere. Which Is why I am posting it here.

Today, my 2TB Desk Top External drive was diagnosed as junk by the teck at G-Technologies. So I called the Apple store, as I have a Mac Book Pro ( Mid 2012 ), and received some pricing on another G-Drive Mobile USB ( 99.95).

Here is my question, I came home from the Apple store after they hooked it up, and I wanted to register it, but cannot find anywhere on line to do so? Does any one know how to accomplish this over the weekend on line? As G-Technologiy’s offices are now closed for the weekend!

Thank You all in advance for any help that you all may offer?

Hello Mike,

G-Technology does not have a registration process.

Hello, i just bought a new G-Technology Armor ATD and it have a paper insert inside saying you can register your HDD but the link mentioned of the paper didn’t exist
and i used a registration with a WD site and it helps me to register my product with a different recitation link.

Here is a pic of the paper that was inside of the box

I bought a new G-Drive as well and encountered the same issue as YaronKyiv. After googling for 5 minutes, I found the product registration site:

They might change the link again in the future so Google is really our friend LOL! :sweat_smile: