Refresh thumbs?

I’ve put a load of Season jpg files in my TV show folder, to give me a unique thumb for each season.  I’ve tried naming them “folder.jpg” and put it in the releavant season folder, i’ve also tried “Season .jpg” (where "Season " is the exact same name as the folder), but they don’t show up.

I’ve tried going into the hiddn .wdtv folder and deleting the files from the thumbs folder, to no avail.

Is there some way to force a refresh?


I’m using the non-moviesheet Alaska theme, if that makes any difference?

Yes you have to reboot your Hub for them to take effect if it’s a folder you are attaching the file has to be named folder and if it is a movie or video it has to be named after the video. Rescanning will not change thumbs

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1 - Get your folder.jpg files in place

2 - Delete thumb folder from inside .wd_tv folder

3 - Power down (long press 5+ secs on the remote power button) or remove the power from the Hub

4 - Power up the Hub and new art should appear