Reformatting My Book Live

Please can someone help me, I have a My Book Live (Twonky) I want to reformat to use as a standard storage device connected to my home (wired) network, I’ve spent several hours searching the WD community without finding a SIMPLE solution.

As I’m not a Computer expert simple advice please.

I wish you all to stay safe and only follow recognised medical advice.


You could refer to the following links:

Hi, Jonty . S,

Many thanks for your advice, but,

Using the first link I completed a full reset, and I still have the same “My Book Live”.

Maybe I didn’t explain what I’m trying to achieve clearly.

I want to end up with a NAS, simple without any additional functions, what maybe, could be described as “Dumb Storage” you put something in and you can take whatever you put in out.

If I use the second link in your email and go to “Map a named drive”, once I’ve identified “My Book Live” , for example Drive Z, then in Win 10 using the command prompt, type format /Z.

Please will that achieve what I want?

Stay safe and follow intelligent professional advice.

Best regards