Reformatting EX2 as network drive

I just purchased and EX2 and  need to reformat drive for use with both Mac and Pc.  I don’t have ethernet port on any pc to do this by  direct connect and  don’t have adapters for PC or Mac to connect via usb.  Is  there anyway to reformat EX 2 over wifi home network using windows  disk management (or Mac) without a direct hardwire ethernet connection from PC or Mac to EX2?  Any suggestions on how to do this would be appreciated.

Welcome to the Community. It is not necesary to format the EX2 to use it on Windows or Mac’s computers, both of them can access the EX2 out the box. You can follow the steps on the links below to map the EX2 on both. 

Mapping a Personal Cloud drive or WD NAS drive on a Windows PC

How to map a WD network drive on a Mac

As jubei04 said, you do not need an ethernet connection to format and access the EX2. However, I will give you a very serious warning, since you just bought it and have the chance to return it, that without a wired connection (i.e. ethernet), if you rely on wi-fi connection, you’ll be extremely frustrated by the slow data transfer speeds if you have an N router or older router. Even with the latest AC routers (assuming your PC has an AC client) it’ll be very slow, but a bit better than wifi using an N router. If you ever plan on doing large data transfers 10-20 GB or more in one operation, you’ll be very frustrated with the hours it’ll take to finish any read/write operation over wi-fi. Seriously, a NAS like this is best used with a wired connection, unless you are okay with dreadfully slow wifi speed. This isn’t a shortcoming of the EX2 but rather a shortcoming of wifi bandwidth. So think carefully if you want to keep the EX2.