Reformating a Disk für VMWare 6.5 compatibility

Hi to everyone!

We have a storage with 26 SAS HDDs and want to use it as vmware available raid in VMware 6.5.
Vmware is in that version only compatible to 512n / 512e sector size.
While the HDDs have a sector size of 4Kn, I cannot create a volume with 512 byte block size.

And here a long research started for me.
It is possible to reformat the HDDs (ModelNo.: HUC101812CS4200) and set the sector size to 512 bytes.
To do that we need to install a Software namend HUGO.
The most current version that I found online is 7.3.2, appeared 2020 if the documentation is correct.
But is there a official Download link or download site to get this software from WD?

I have searched a lot but as HUGO is also the name of a WebSite generator software, the most results do not succeed.

Can anyone or some official WD instance tell me, where I can find that software and if there is a 32 bit version also?