Reduce the number of backups kept and free up disk space

I have a 4000 that has run out of disk space due to backup size.  I’ve reduced the number of monthly backups to keep from 12 to 5 but that hasn’t reduced the space taken up at all.  How do I get the unit to do some house cleaning?

I guess you are talking about client PC backups?  Since it is single instance an old backup really does not take that much extra space.

That said, database cleanup runs on Sat night.  You could wait or go to task scheduler and manual run one to see how much space that gave you.

The other idea to explore is say videos or pictures or something that does not change taking up a lot of space?  Back them up to a usb disc and then exclude then exclude that folder(s) from daily backups.  But they will still be in the databasde so you would have to remove those backups.

I dunno. when I run low on space, good housekeeping never seems to help… You may just need more space.

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Yes, client backups.  I found cleanup in scheduled tasks and ran it.  Looked at the backups kept and yes, they are now the right number.  Have also deleted 3 computer and did not archive the backups.  Hopefully that means they were wiped.  Anyhow, no space was created.  The problem is that several computers have been replaced and the old computers deleted but the space never seems to get freed up.

Well it probably will not  that way.  Like I said with single instance storage or data dedupe, ten pc’s take the same space as one.  It only needs one copy of windows to restore any of the ten plus the small amount of differences.  User names whatever.

That said, Windows only takes up what 30gb?  Has someone synced their music collection?  Videos and ISO’s take the most room.

I know one fellow who is backing up 25 pc’s and using only 500gb

this is pretty helpful for me