Redémarrage à distance / Remove restart Mycloud

Bonjour à tous, savez-vous comment on peut redémarrer son My Cloud à distance ? Le mien a planté pour la énième fois et je n’y ai pas accès (et j’en ai besoin, bien sûr). Merci de votre aide.
Hello everyone, do you know how to restart My Cloud remotely? Mine has planted for the umpteenth time and I do not have access to it (and I need it, of course). Thank you for your help.

If you have the appropriate ports forwarded, you can SSH into it, and issue “reboot now” to it over the command line.

Without? How remote is remote? Is this “Over the internet” level of remote, or is this “I dont want to get off my chair and walk over there” remote?

If the former-- Call somebody at the physical location, and have them restart it, or properly secure and forward the SSH ports for remote login. (Be sure to generate good keys first!!)

If the latter-- You can reboot it using the web interface, or using one of the wdsync packages.

Thank you for your prompt reply.
I’m not physically (geographically) there, this is the problem, unfortunately.
But for the next time, I could activate an SSH on MyCloud. It is not recommended by WD but if it the unique possibility to acceed the cloud, I will.
Have a good day.

To use SSH over the internet, your router will need a persistent port forwarding rule that routes your mycloud’s port number 22, to some consistent port. I would suggest something in the “private use” range, (port numbers 49152-65535).

Be sure that you have created a more hardened SSH key pair. The default keys are the same on all stock MyClouds, and that is terrible for internet facing security. Generate a good eliptical curve based keypair, and replace the stock key files with them.

WD does not like people using SSH on their devices, because you can break the device what good if you dont now what you are doing/can make all kinds of unsupported/unsupportable changes to the configuration of the device. In this case, we just want to issue “restart now” to the device from the command line to make it reboot remotely.