Red Light . USB cable cause a Problem


I think this is important.

I decided to connect my WD cloud to my computer through USP cable so I connected it to the power first  then USB , 2 minutes later  I disconnect it fom the   power first  ( the power light was still on ),then I disconnect the USB cable after 5 secounds.

When I tried to connect again it starts to give the solid red light and offcourse it is not responding.

I tried to reset (soft & hard ) but still the same problem…

I don’t know if I did anything wrong  by disconnecting the power  before USB?!!!

if there’s any solution please let me know

note: My WD cloud was working fine for more than 4 months

You shouldn’t connect the NAS to a computer using a USB cable! It is not designed to work that way.

A red light indicates a hard problem with the disk. If resets don’t work, you can try to do a soft unbrick. For example:

Otherwise, you will have to RMA the drive.