Red Light on My Cloud, On AT&T U-Verse Need Help

I have tried the 4 sec and 30 sec reset options but it doesn’t appear to have changed anything. The light on the drive is white for a little while, makes some strange noises, goes silent, then the light turns red. When I plug it into the router the lights on the back start flashing but the network never detects anything and the light always turns red. I also used to get acces to the data with a direct connection on an older laptop with an Ethernet port. That doesn’t work either.

Does my issue have anything to do with having moved to a different network or is that a secondary issue? Please help me. I have a lot of data on this drive and I need to know the right thing to do to access it. Is the drive corrupted?

Try using a network switch between the My Cloud and ATT Uverse router/gateway. There is a well known and discussed problem with certain routes and the My Cloud. The following is the WD Knowledgebase article on the issue. One can use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) and search for the many past discussion on this issue.

Thank you for the link. I saw something about this when I searched on the forum before but I wasn’t sure if that was even the issue since I cannot connect directly to the drive with an Ethernet cable either the way I used to in order to do faster data transfers.