Red LED's X2 units with red 4 ea. 4.0TB

Just got my replacement WDMyCloudEX4 went thru the setup and lo & behold the red Led’s came up… So that is the problem with the first unit… I can pull all drives still have red led. Power off & I insert a 1.0TB Seagate drive , Blue leds & able to write to it. But when I plug any one of 8 4.0TB wd red drives I get red lights… pretty strange huh… So with not trying to make a long story longer… I have 2 ea. WDMyCloudEX4 with exactly the same symptoms… Helllllppp meeee. thanx doug


When you go to storage on the dashboard, do you see any indication the drive that has a red LED is working properly or has any problems with the smart status?

Hi ArMak

When I go to drive status, only Drive 1 is listed, when I plug in Drive 2 it blinks blue then red, then I have to refresh the dashboard & Drive 2 NA__Bad__NA. Diagnostics has Drive Fault… This is on the Brand New one out of the box from WD… LCD says “Drive Failed in bay 2”
Same thing happens with the one I bought earlier this year which had about 9TB of files… Backed UP… But still alot of time.
The Drive that is booted up in bay 1 is a Seagate Barracuda 7200 1TB… It is working great. I have others but nothing will boot up in the 2nd bay…
Thanx for your reply