"Red" LED constantly flashing?

Greetings All,

So after my MyBook Live died I was able to swap it out for the MyBook Cloud which seems to be working 100% according to the dashboard status however the “red” led never stops flashing. It passes the diagnostic tests without a issue and according to the dashboard the temprature is okay however according to the report dump “smart_info” reports temprature at:

194 Temperature_Celsius 0x0022 106 093 000 Old_age Always - 44

Value is at 106 and RAW_Value is 44 so I am not sure which is the correct value to take read but there you go.

I have restarted the device and shut it down and started it up again but the “red” led carries on flashing. I have rebuilt the media database thinking that was the issue but it carries on flashing :/. The drive is on the latest firmware.

/BTW I say red in inverted comma’s because it looks more pink than red :P.

The MyBook Live was slowly killing itself on bad sectors :(.

Nope, it was swapped out for WD MyBook Cloud…

I have no clue. I wiped the device, went back to the store, showed them the WD email and because they had no more WD Live drives they offered me the Cloud device. What they do with my old Live drive I have no clue, probably sent it back to their supplier who would then  forward it to WD?