RED drives and NAS greater than 5 drives

I am dipping my toes in the waters of RAID, looking to purchase hardware to run a RAID 5 or 6.  The RED drives are at a tempting price point.  I am wondering why it is that they are advertised at only working in an array of 1-5 disks.  I have been looking at the QNAP TS-x69 enclosures, either a 6 bay or 8 bay for future expansion.  Is there no way that the RED drives can be used in these larger arrays?


Ken K

The WD Red line has been tested for compatibility in 1-5 bay NAS systems, but this doesn’t mean that they won’t work using other type of RAID setups. WD is unable to officially recommend the WD Red for 6 or more RAID configurations, until we have been tested them. If you are planning on purchasing the QNAP TS-x69, you can try to contact QNAP directly to see if they can give you additional information about compatible hard drives.

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The answer is that they have tested the 6 and 8 bay units with the RED drives and they have given their blessing:

Dear [Deleted],

Yes, we’ve tested the WD Red drives in QNAP 8bay & 6bay NAS for the compatibility test.

So you can go ahead and use those on TS-669 Pro.



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