RED drive sleep issue

Been searching the internet and not having much luck with WD support so trying here for help. I have a Windows PC and recently upgraded 2x 3TB red disks to 2x 10TB red disks. I use one for live data so fine with it being on 24x7, but the other I only use once a week to do a backup copy to it. Issue and question I have is, my old 3TB disk I used for backup would spin down when not in use. The new 10tb never spins down. I know these are meant to be always on nas drives, not looking to have that argument. Just seeing if anyone else has come across this or has suggestions.

If the answer is the 10tb red has different firmware than the 3tb red that prevents sleep then that’s fine, just cant find if that’s what’s going on. Has anyone been able to get these disks to sleep when the OS calls for it? Thanks for any help you might have.