RED 4TB showed as 0GB in Bios


I bought the RED 4TB (WD40EFRX, production date: 05Feb 2014).

I installed in my desktop but it is shown as 0GB disk in bios. I tested in 2 PCs and it is same. One of PC use Windows 7 and the other is Windows 8.

These 2 PC already have GPT type HDDs (2GB/4GB) and they are working well.

Is this new RED HDD is faulty one? I bought it in ebay and I wonder I have to retrun this HDD or not.

It could be the drive or the mother board.

Check with the MOBO manufacturer to see if there’s a setting that needs to be enabled for 4TB drives.

Most of the drives you show on the screen are 2TB’s.

Hi John

Thank you for reply. I tested in other PC which already have 4TB HDD (this is Seagate 4TB) and only RED 4TB is still have problem.

Here is MB information:

    ASUS E35M1-M Pro —> This is the one that has 2TB HDD

    ASUS PBP 67M —> This is PC which seagate 4TB is working well.

Is there any tool that I can check?

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