Recycle Bin

From the WD my cloud downloaded portal.  My users are able to delete files from my folders that have the recycle bin enabled but the files will not get placed into the recycle bin they will just disapear into the void of space.

This is not the case if they use my network interface (\

I lost some stuff because one of my friends accidently deleted a folder and we then discovered this was the case. 

Please fix this and or tell me what setting I have wrong to make this not happen.

Thanks -Ren-

Hi there,

What firmware are you currently using on your unit? By downloaded portal do you mean the Desktop application or the mobile application ?

The desktop application.

I believe I have the latest firmware. I ran the update same day as that post.  The device is currently  busy or i would tell u.  I am actually browsing the forums trying to figure out how to get it out of busy mode… I left it for 2 days but it is still taking forever.  

I had a 4 TB in Jbod and I just put in another drive.  No rebuild or anything of that nature was selected by me.  just stuck in the drive.