Recycle Bin?

I have WD 2TB world edition netdrive…

I am using the drive as a primary storage device and backing up everynight to a separate hard drive.

I inadvertently deleted a file and discovered that these are permanently deleted. Ok lesson learned. The issue here is the file in question was created and deleted before the end of my work day and was not therefore backed up.

I would like to “install” a recycle bin on this device to save me from myself.

I have found Undelete 2009 by disk keeper 

but can’t seem to find anything on their website indicating that this software will work for my application.

I am a company of one but enjoy this little network of mine as it allows me to work very efficiently.

Has anyone found away to place a “recycle bin” on this external drive?

Cost is not really an issue here (within reason of course)…I just want to crush the learning curve, and save myself any future heartache.

Thanks inadvance


I doubt that you can easily do it.

My Book World is in fact not jsut an external hdd, but small server with ARM Linux OS inside. Is it more complex thing than just “external hdd”.

Found this in web. Is it a little outdated info (posted in 2004), but still…

“Linux doesn’t use a “Recycle Bin” when deleting files, including files that are stored in a shared directory using Samba. If you delete files in a shared directory on a *nix machine, they’re gone, just as if you typed rm -rf in a shell.”