RECOVERY: MBWE hit by Hurricane Irene

 I have used my My Book World Edition for back-ups of important data forever. I have always thought ‘Man, I should burn Blu-rays of it in case of fire or something’ - but, alas, It was on my to-do list too long.

   I had a surge, or something, at my house during the storm and my MBWE got it. The power would not turn on at all.

  So I took it apart, removed the drive, and put it in my handy dandy USB mounter. Windows didn’t recognize it as a windows partition (but drive manager saw it and it’s partition scheme - so the drive is spinning ok) .

  Booted a Fedora VM , it did not automount as usual… So I’m wondering what to do next… I just want to get the data off it and go buy another WD NAS to replace the hardware.

  Any help would be appreciated - feel free to point me to a posting if there is one. I googled and looked around for a few hours - but I don’t want to mod it or rebuild it… just recover the data and then I’ll format the drive…


i’ve got the same issue. after the blackout from hurrican irene the blue rings won’t come on, but the box gets very warm. how exactly did you take it apart and connect to your PC? Any guidance you can provide is highly appreciated. thanks.

There is a very good website that covers a lot of the details:

However, there is a lot of focus on modficiations and rebuilding, etc. . I’m the simple case, I just want the data and then I’ll junk the damaged unit to buy a new one

Hope this helps…


hi  CryptoC00l

Depending on what operating system you use you can plug the hardisk in a harddisk reader and use a data recovery program if you was using a raid 0 remember that you need to to plug both harddrive in the hardisk reader there are some out that you can plug 2 drive at the same time

oh for raid 0 recovery you may need a program that is not commonly used  i have writed a program that work via CMD interface so only command line for you it may a bit hard to use it

if you need help send me a PM


use ext2fsd to view mbw on windows

It was in a RAID array. I attempted to mount it again with Fedora, but used force moutn of RAID array. I was able to mount it and get to the directory structure. Everything public seems like it can be read - but several folders are listed as unauthorized… is there a way to take ownership of the other folders?