Recovery data for WD My Book Studio after lightning


Some terrible weather hit where I live and I believe my house was a victim of a lightning hit. My cable TV modem adaptor, ADSL modem adaptor and 2 external HDD case adaptors were toasted, one of which is WD My Book Studio 3TB.

I tried to replace the adaptor with the exact same jack, positive/ negative setting, voltage (12V) and output (1A) but it won’t power up. No light, no sound.

Since it’s beyond 1 year warranty I decided to open up the case and retrieve the data through another USB 3.0 eSATA HDD case.

There’s the problem. The HDD can be powered up, with no strange sound, but have no recongisible partition, Mac OS X 10.9 says the disk needs initialization. 

I can use the same USB 3.0 eSATA HDD case to read/ write my other 2TB HDD (which was plugged into some unknown HDD case connecting to my Mac Mini via FW800 when the lightning hit, and all data in there were fine) so I can confirm the HDD case works fine.

I then tried to use Data Resure 3 to perform a deep scan, all I got after 24 hours are a bunch of gzip archive and some other .icn files which looks like a partition created by WD with its proprietary software.

I read in this link from tomshardware that the My Book disk format and partition information is contained on the board with the SATA bridge inside the enclosure… can anyone confirm this?

Does it mean that the only way is to find a exact model of WD My Book Studio, takes the borad out and slot my HDD in and then I can read/ write my HDD? 

Is there any way, with softwares, I can retrieve my data?

My Book Studio Info:

P/N: WDBC3G0030HAL-00     5212B

FW800/ USB 2.0 connection

Formatted as Mac OS X journaled


Unfortunately, heavy electrical shocks could result in physical damage. As such, ensuring the bridge between physical components and firmware are properly examined with extreme care is recommended.

Due to the delicate nature of this situation I would recommend a Professional data recovery service in order to prevent further physical damage to your device and your data. Please visit the following link for additional information: