Recovery after quick restore - help me

I thought quick restore does not delete my data, so I did it. :frowning:

Now, I have to recover them. 

I know I can go to recovery service person, but I wonder if there is another way to do it, 

for example, good software which I can try.

Recovering NAS is very new to me. Detailed instruction will be highly appreciated. 

Hi there,

I have not tried to recover data from a nas device with a software before since i have not experienced this, lets see if another user can share some ideas and tips on this matter.   

A system only restore leaves the data and share in tack. A quick restore deletes the data but doesn’t over write it so recover may be possiable. A full restore over writes the data multiple time so no data recovery is possiable

There are utilities that may help with this but I don’t have any details but a search on this forum for recovering files should help.

you should always have a backup for any computer / drive however i assume this is not the case here. it is also advisable to keep a copy off site too for disaster/fire/theft…


I made the same mistake (10 years of data at risk!) and did a quick restore not thinking it would wipe the drive.

Did you find a way to recover the data on your MyCloud?

Please advise - feeling desparate!


Have you looked into things like?:

Active@ UNDELETE 10

R-Studio: Data Recovery over Network or R-Studio