Recovering accidently deleted folder on Ex2

Apologies for what may be a stupid question. I’ve accidently deleted a folder on my ex2. I have it set up on raid. Is it possible to recover the deleted folder from the back-up disc?

By back-up disk do you mean a back of the RAID, or the other drive of the mirrored pair. Mirroring isn’t really about recovering stuff accidentally deleted, it’s about protecting your data against failure of an entire drive. If mirroring is working correctly, when you delete something it should be deleted from the mirror as well.

Have you turned on the Recycle Bin feature under Settings, Services (it’s right at the bottom) in the dashboard?

Many thanks for the reply. I did mean back of the RAID. Sadly, I’d assumed that by deleting that the mirror would be deleted as well.
I do have the Recycle Bin feature on, but where do I find the bin? Is it my normal recycle bin or is there one hidden in my EX2 dashboard?

LOL - somehow my typing managed to mangle “backup” into “back”… New fingers needed! LOL

Anyway, although I’ve got the recycle bin turned on I’ve never actually played with it. It should show up as another share on your NAS across the network. Mine shows up as shared folder called “Recycle Bin - Volume_1”. Hopefully you should be able to browse to it (you didn’t say if you are using a PC or Mac) and take a look. You just *MIGHT *find the deleted file in there!

Having said all that there is also a “Recycle Bin” setting for EACH share you set up. Quite how that and the Recycle Bin setting on the main Settings page tie together I don’t know. (screen shot attached). I think the recycle bin settings in the properties of each share enable or disable it while the main settings bit allows you to set an auto-purge time period.

How did you create your backup disk? Was that using the Backup function in the EX2 and backed up to a USB drive? If so you should just be able to recover it in one of two ways:

  1. The USB drive (if plugged directly) into you EX2 should appear as another share (“External_USB_3…”) so you should be able to just browse in that and copy it to where you want it.
  2. There is a Recover function in the EX2’s backup utility if the backup job is still there. However I’ve never tried it!

If you backed up your NAS using a different method, if you give some details on how you backed it up we might be able to figure out if it can be recovered.