Recover my data after controller died

I need help in recovering my data from my MyBookLive 3TB WDBACG0030HCH-00 NAS. The controller died a few days ago so I removed the drive (which turns out to be green!) and inserted it into my USB docking station. I used Paragon Software to see the volume. When I try to access the files to move them it tells me that I don’t have owner rights to the files. I expected this knowing that I had a user password on it before. Where I have the problem and need help, there seems to be no way that I know of entering the password. Is there a way of getting my access or circumventing this? I have all my backups from all my computers and devices stored on this. Also have all family photos archived on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

My Books have hardware encryption so you can just simply remove the hard drive and plug it into a 3rd party enclosure and recover your data.

But, apparently the encryption can be bypassed using Linux OS and you can recover your data.

see user thomas_kaeding post

Thanks but I am running Windows 10.

Well, you won’t be able to recover your data then i’m afraid.

Recovering the data bypassing the encryption can only be done in Linux … use a Linux Live CD if you have to (which runs off a CD and doesn’t replace your Windows 10 OS)