Recover deleted file versions from WD Elite

I am assisting someone who is using a WD Elite with the supplied software on a Windows XP machine.

He had the number of backup versions set to 5.

Unfortunately, on an active file, that can be one or two days of backup.

He needs to go back to an older version.

The WD Elite drive is formatted with NTFS. I looked at the drive with O&O Undelete. I expected to find deleted files (older versions) that I could recover, but I found no deleted files on the drive.

Given that there were NO deleted files on the WD Elite at all, it seems to me that the files may be there, but are not beinf found for some reason I haven’t been able to figure out.

Note that the drive is not password protected, so the encryption is not turned on. I can access current file versions with my software.

Why don’t I see any deleted files (older versions of files) on the WD Elite using my undelete software?

Is there a different utility that could be used to find deleted files and recover them?

Any additional ideas or information would be greatly appreciated as well