Recover a deleted Backup


I’ve deleted by mistake a Diskstorage Backup last day from menu : “Monitor > Diskstorage > Diskstorage Backups”

I’ve stopped every backup process today and I’d like to know if ther was a way to recover this backup.

Who’s got an idea ?





Non dedupe backups deleted from the Disk Storage are physically deleted from the disk.

IE: the data path of /path/to your disk storage/5cdsefc1   data directory is actually deleted.


Dedupe backkups deelted from the Disk Storage DO NOT delete the data blocks that make up

the backup set. Only the File Descriptor List (FDL) which are reference pointers to the block

are actually remove.

In this case, it is possible to recover “non encrypted” backup sets directly from the block pool
 using the readarkeia data extraction utilty in dedupe mode.

5 Restore From Disk Storage

You may try some data recovery software, see this solution: WD hard drive data recovery

hope this helps.

Hi I now this post was from 2014 but was wondering if you where able to recover deleted Backup . I have a similiar problem. I have some backups that expired and would like to get them back. Any help would be greatly appreciate. THanks